We continuously improve on features as well as experiment with new ideas to develop 'What Is Universe' into THE MAGAZINE we've been dreaming about. Watch this place!

3D printed gifts & accessories

Nerdy/geeky, educative and very cool. Crocotta R&D's staff has been quietly but busily designing our product lineup for ordering from Europe and North-America. Coming soon, exciting isn't it?


More interactivity = more fun. Quizzes, puzzles, contests and prizes. Launching from March onward, continuously.

The ART of Science

Not even the best telescopes can photograph everything. The rest is up to our imagination. Therefore we open our gallery of science artwork soon. Planned to launch in September.


Recently added features.


Tony Stark the Iron Man, James Bond, Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more. What do scientists say about movies and science fiction.


Handcrafted timelines that are easy and intuitive to use. Ranging from the historic events of our Universe to the latest breakthroughs in science.



Cosmic Evolution

Cosmic Evolution

13.8 billion years ago the Universe was initially significantly smaller than even a pore on your skin. With the Big Bang, the fabric of space itself began...

gravitational waves

Gravitational Wave Research

Gravitational Wave Research

The more we understand gravitational waves, the better we can understand gravity itself. The technologies involved are themselves special. To measure a...

'What is Universe?'

Welcomes You!

We are the 'Big Bang' in scientific discussion and reporting. Expert insights; layman's access; limitless possibilities.

Contemplating 'big questions' is our aim: broaching topics others fear to face. Our methods are deceptively simple: demystifying advanced disciplines and stimulating debate on their implications.

Follow us and foster the links between art, commerce and scientific research. Let's start learning and speaking the language of our beautiful Universe together.

Our Mission

This is NOT just another science news site.

Studying the Universe is itself all about innovation through experimentation. Then so too is our digital adventure.

welcomeWe will model new ways of visualising and organising knowledge!

We want to simplify, without 'dumbing down': grabbing attentions of wide audience bases; across the age boundaries. Science and the interest it instils should unite people through common objectives and potential outcomes.

We will therefore focus on presentational METHOD and FORMAT; explaining the 'big' picture (outcomes + next possible steps) of cosmic exploration. By extension, we should also succeed in highlighting contextual relationships between theories, findings and data. Understanding the Universe is inter-disciplinary!

To that effect, our vision is of science as a language and common currency for communication; the words are simply framing the discovery and the empowerment that brings.

And so, we will offer:

  • A preference for visual over text based explanations;

  • A low learning curve;

  • A commitment to 'gamification'.

In turn, our followers, supporters and all interested / involved parties should have both shared experiences of and benefits from:

  • An interactive website;

  • Visual pathways for highlighting contextual relationships;

  • 2D AND 3D animated explanations;

  • Framed commentaries from presenters in high end studio settings;

  • Interactive Media Experiences: LIVE VIDEO STREAMING!

'What Is Universe?' is a constantly developing space, new features are added day by day.

The Future begins here and now.