What Is Universe wants to inspire new debate!

Do we ‘know’ everything? No. The day we start know everything is the day we stop discovering, debating, developing. And who wants to go there? Nobody! Instead, we are only scratching the surface. But THAT’S where YOU come in: a platform for DEBATE, DISCOVERY and DEVELOPMENT. THAT’S What Is Universe. That’s us. That’s YOU.

We share and discuss visions of the future: from the Utopia to the Dystopian; from the technological to the terrible; the organic to the engineered. The outcome should be an effective databank of future visions.

There will not be any one winner; but there will be progression through consolidation of the views presented and the discussions and varied viewpoints they inspire. It’s all down to YOU. So get involved: whoever you are and whatever you do.

Researcher? Academic? Novice? Expert? Writer? Concerned moral citizen? Perhaps you just have an interest on science and its impact on society? Whatever your starting point, we WANT to hear from YOU! Our discussions might just form the future. So let’s start talking.