This is NOT just another science news site.

Science is itself all about innovation through experimentation. Then so too is our digital adventure.

We will model new ways of visualising and organising the science of space!

We want to simplify, without ‘dumbing down’: grabbing attentions of wide audience bases; across the age boundaries. Science and the interest it instils should unite people through common objectives and potential outcomes.

We will therefore focus on presentational METHOD and FORMAT; explaining the ‘big’ picture (outcomes + next possible steps) of space science research. By extension, we should also succeed in highlighting contextual relationships between theories, findings and data. Science is inter-disciplinary!

To that effect, our vision is of science as a language and common currency for communication; the words are simply framing the discovery and the empowerment that brings.

And so, we will offer:

In turn, our followers, supporters and all interested /involved parties should have both shared experiences of and benefits from: