Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does life begin?

Human life Begins at Fertilization with the Embryo's Conception.

Q: How does life end?

In human terms with the stopping of a heartbeat or of brain activity.

Q: What is the origin of life?

We don't know. Scientists' best guess today is that the origin of life began more than 3 billion years ago, evolving from basic microbes into an array of complexity over time.

Q: What is death?

The absence of life.

Q: What is meant by an 'afterlife'?

Life after death. A concept of a realm in which your consciousness continues to exist.

Q: What is meant by resurrection?

The act of rising from the dead.

Q: Does Cryonics exist?


Q: Can I afford to be cryogenically frozen?

Depends. Do you have 200k $ to spare?

Q: Is the Force Strong in me?

Yes, padawan. But much to learn you have. A jedi you are not.

Q: Do Ghosts exist and what are they if so?

Many people want to believe. But no scientific evidence supports this claim. Yet.

Q: I had a near death experience. What comes next?

You tell us.

Q: My life flashed before me and all I saw was science stuff. Help me.

Join us.

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